Estate Planning and Administration

Estate Planning and Administration

Estate Planning

Estate planning is one of the most overlooked parts of most people’s financial lives. Many believe they do not own enough to spend money on the planning process. Not to mention, no one likes to sit down and think about the end of their lives. The reality is that everyone needs to conduct a basic level of estate planning. Whether you have accumulated significant wealth or your only significant asset is the family home and little else, estate planning is about much more than the size of your estate. It is about ensuring that those you love are taken care of in the manner you desire and that they have the peace of mind of knowing that you have taken the necessary steps to protect them. Own a business? What happens to it when you are gone? Have children? Who will raise them and how will it be financed? These and many more issues require careful thought and planning.

You love your family and want them to live well and in peace. However, after someone dies, it is a common occurrence for family members to fight over the deceased’s property. A valid and legally enforceable will can be the difference between a family celebrating your life while focusing on the grieving process versus spending their limited emotional energy fighting over ‘things’ that should have been worked out before your death. The battle might be over a house, car or boat; regardless, too many families are left with emotional scars simply because the deceased did not take the step of doing some basic planning. This negative climate is not what you want for your surviving family members and friends. Take the step to have a will drafted, make sure your estate goes to those you desire not those dictated by North Carolina law.

Durable Powers of Attorney (financial support and decision making), HealthCare Powers of Attorney (making sure your healthcare decisions are being made by those you trust and according to your wishes), Advanced Directives (Living Wills to ensure you control your life at the end), and Digital Asset Powers of Attorney (taking care of your online accounts) are but a few of the important legal documents that we can assist you with. Without them, you may find that the decisions that affect you and your loved ones are in the hands of someone you do not know, trust or desire to make decisions for you. At a minimum, you are imposing the State of North Carolina into sensitive family decision making processes if you fail to prepare.

The common refrain we hear is that “I don’t have enough to do any planning and I don’t need a will.” No matter what your financial situation or your family situation, a little advanced planning will save you, your loved ones, and those you do business with a large amount of time, money and effort after you are gone. Peace of mind for those you love is truly worth the investment!

Nelson Law, PLLC will take the time to know you, your goals and objectives, and will help develop a sound legal plan to protect you and your loved ones.

Estate Administration

If you have lost a loved one, often the most challenging and stressful thought that quickly follows is the recognition that you must now deal with finalizing the estate. Adding that stressor to the grieving process can be overwhelming. Let Nelson Law, PLLC help! Probate can be a daunting process, but the good news is that with our advice and representation you can reduce the stress and rest comfortably knowing that we are working to ensure the probate process is completed efficiently and effectively.

Want us to handle the entire process for you or simply provide advice to you as your work through the process yourself? Nelson Law can tailor services to meet your needs and ensure that you comply with the law, avoid legal challenges and pitfalls, and unnecessary expense. It will be done with the personal compassion, sensitivity and concern this process deserves.

Contact us today and let’s start easing your mind of stressors that are unnecessary.  Nelson Law PLLC is the right firm for you!