Education Law

Education LawAs a prior teacher in the Carteret County School System and head lawyer at a college (the U.S. Coast Guard Academy), Todd Nelson uniquely understands the legal issues and challenges that your family faces as your children (or you) work your way through the education system in North Carolina and the United States. There is nothing more important to your future and success, and the success of your children, than the education they are entitled to and that you pay for. Often your success is hampered by a system that doesn’t recognize your unique needs or is overburdened and either inadvertently or intentionally violates your rights.

If you feel that the “system” is not complying with the law, has wrongfully deprived you of an opportunity, or that you or your child need to consult with an advisor who has dedicated a life to educating and helping students and children; please know that we are here to help you understand your rights and to assert them effectively and efficiently.